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Odoo 11 is out! Focus on new features (1/2)

11 October 2017

Camptocamp, historical Odoo Gold Partner, will present here the main innovations made in Odoo 11, the latest version of the ERP increasingly acclaimed by SMEs, MidCaps and subsidiaries of large groups!

Odoo 11

In this new release, the publisher did not feel the need to re-architect in depth a particular functional area, as for Odoo 10 (manufacturing), Odoo 9 (accounting) , or Odoo 8 (inventory management).

From our perspective, this observation is clearly indicative that this successful software is based on well-thought-out, proven and sufficiently generic basic concepts to:

  • suit the largest number of companies and organizations;
  • easily perform specific developments to meet advanced customer requirements or features, without jeopardizing the basic logic of the system.

The large functional richness achieved to date as standard led instead the company to carry out various small additions, improvements and optimizations within the same functional scope.

Here, we are focusing on the main points regarding the Odoo Enterprise Edition.

Odoo 11 accounting

Odoo is now increasingly taking into account the particularities (accounting localizations) of the main countries where the solution is located.

For Switzerland: BVR invoices, DTA payments, rounding to 5 cents or the update of exchange rates from The publisher wants therefore to offer as standard these essential features already addressed as community modules for the previous versions.

Odoo 11 Switzerland France

For France: Odoo’s point of sale module will satisfy the requirements of the new article 286, I, 3° bis of the General Tax Code, which will enter into force on January 1st, 2018.

Another notable functional addition in accounting is to allow the use of SEPA Direct Debit mandates.

Odoo 11 sales and marketing

In terms of marketing, we note that the “Marketing Automation” module, already integrated into the CRM, is now also used for other modules, including website, e-commerce and events. In our opinion, this module should be called “Business Automation” since it is now possible to automate many actions beyond marketing!

Additionally, in the Sales module, a powerful system for generating promotional campaigns and discount codes is introduced as standard.

Odoo 11 project management

The module is equipped with more reporting functions, as shown in the dashboard below (available for each project). Thus, it is easier to track costs, billing, worked hours vs. planned hours, or time spent per employee.

Odoo 11 Project

Odoo 11 ergonomics

From a design and ergonomics perspective, the publisher has always striven year after year to make Odoo ever more user-friendly, intuitive and efficient to reduce training time and increase user satisfaction on a daily basis. Odoo 11 does not deviate from this strong company value with the improvement of the Kanban view (new layout with a useful progress bar per column).

In addition, the ability to plan activities (email, task, call, etc.) in the system (not just in the CRM) is just great! Besides, these activities can now be assigned to any user. Also, the quick view of its “Todo list” at the top right of the screen is very convenient.

Odoo 11 Activites

Odoo Studio

Originally from Odoo 10, Odoo Studio is a module for performing advanced customizations of Odoo directly via the web interface. This feature is further developed in Odoo 11. Odoo Studio is more intuitive to use and the customizations made can now be exported to a module.

Odoo Studio

Odoo 11 website and e-commerce

It is now possible to customize URLs from the website module. Via the interface, you can also directly edit the style of your website with the new embedded Less/CSS editor. An “Online Appointments” module is also a new feature. Thus, your customers or simply the visitors of your website will be able to make an appointment online with your teams (management of availabilities and reminders included!)…

The e-commerce module is now equipped with additional indicators: number of orders per day, turnover, number of abandoned cards, best sellers, etc.

Finally, the VoIP module has also been improved and opens up its compatibility with telephony solutions in the cloud (virtualized iPBX, such as OnSIP).


You can find the entire list of functional evolutions of Odoo 10 vs Odoo 11 on the website of the publisher, Odoo SA. Regarding the technical developments, please read our following blog related to this topic.

Do you want to integrate Odoo into your company? Do not hesitate to contact our experts at Camptocamp! We have been Gold Partner Odoo in Switzerland and France since 2006!

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