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Puppet training: new curriculum beginning September 2014

12 August 2014

Puppet Labs’ partner in France and Switzerland, Camptocamp adapts to the recent changes made by the editor to its official Puppet training curriculum. These changes, described below, will take place in September 2014.

Formations Puppet

Advanced Puppet becomes Puppet Practitioner + Puppet Architect

The Puppet Advanced training will no longer be offered in the Puppet Labs’s curriculum: it has been replaced by two sessions: “Puppet Practitioner” (3 days) and “Puppet Architect” (2 days).

What is the reason of this change? In fact, it has been noticed that the attendees of the training were most of the time composed of two specific attendees: on the one hand, system administrators developing Puppet, and on the other hand, systems architects deploying Puppet within an organization.

Developers are more interested in best practices for writing code on Puppet while learning how to contribute to the community, while architects are more concerned with the themes such as scaling or implementation of development and deployment workflows.

In the end, the training audience was often heterogeneous, both in terms of skills and expectations, with an extensive program over only 3 days. To better stick to this reality, the publisher decided to split the initial Puppet Advanced training in a 3-day training for developers, and a 2-day training for architects, with more specific in-depth concepts than before.

Puppet Fundamentals unchanged, Extending Puppet no longer offered

The Puppet Fundamentals training program remains unchanged (content and duration -3 days-).

However, the “Extend Puppet with Ruby” training is no longer offered by the publisher to its partners and it has not been replaced. Since Camptocamp was part of the very small number of partners providing this training, we are currently working on developing a new expert course similar to this one. Camptocamp can therefore continue to develop its offer and provide more tools and solid skills on Puppet and its ecosystem, even to the more experienced users.

Puppet Training: Contact us!

Do not hesitate to contact Camptocamp to follow one of our official Puppet training in French or in English, in Switzerland or in France:

  • as an intra-company training (private training including participants of the same company), both in your company’s premises or in ours.