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OpenLayers 3.0 is out!

4 September 2014

Camptocamp is pleased to announce the release of the first stable version of OpenLayers 3.0. Product of a two-year collaboration within the OpenLayers community, this version provides all the bases needed by the new generations of “Web Mapping” applications.

With OpenLayers 3, the focus is set on rich features, performance and display quality. OpenLayers 3 allows, for example, to rotate the map by keeping labels horizontal and guaranteeing  a high-quality display.


OpenLayers 3 architecture takes into account future needs and developments. Currently, Canvas 2D technology is mainly used to display images and vectors. OpenLayers 3 also allows to use WebGL, which is the technology of choice to effectively display in 2D and 3D large amounts of vector objects. With WebGL, perspective views (“tilted” views) and the re-projection of images on the client side become possible, as well.

Camptocamp is committed to continuing the development around WebGL in OpenLayers 3.  The display of 2D vectors and perspective views are the elements on which we started working on via prototypes. We will resume this work very soon in order to integrate it into the main development branch.

We are looking forward to knowing your needs and to developing with you tomorrow’s applications. Let’s innovate together!