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New OpenERP Magento Connector: Customer Testimonial

23 September 2013

Successful implementation of OpenERP Magento Connector “New Generation” for Magento 1.7 and OpenERP 7.0: Camptocamp is pleased to share the point of view of the IT Director of an eCommerce company in the US (see the interview below).

Could you please introduce yourself?

“My name is David Kearns and I am the Director of IT at Logic Suppy, Inc. —a US-based computer hardware business founded in 2003.”

In a few words, could you describe your e-commerce business?

“Logic Supply configures small, specialized computer systems uniquely designed for embedded and industrial applications. Our company’s headquarters are in South Burlington, VT (USA), and we have offices in the Netherlands and Taiwan.

Our products are mainly geared toward business customers, and most of our sales are done through e-commerce websites across North America and Europe.

We’ve experienced a steady revenue growth since 2003, and we are now processing more than 60 sales orders each day. To put that in perspective: We have about 45 employees on-site at our South Burlington headquarters.”

Logic Supply Webstore - OpenERP Magento Connector

What were the main issues you were facing before implementing the OpenERP Magento Connector?

“The typical issues growing companies face. Our IT had been put in place on-the-fly, and we were using different software platforms for each functional area; these weren’t connected to each other.

Not to mention we also extended our previous e-commerce platform to include ERP-like features. Day after day, our IT setup was more difficult to maintain. Ultimately, it was simply too limited to efficiently process our ever-increasing number of orders.

At this point, we started to look for a centralized system which would help us to better communicate, to improve inventory tracking, and leverage reporting capabilities. A good interface with our e-commerce platform was also key!”


“First, we decided to migrate all our e-shops from OsCommerce to Magento. Second, it appeared that OpenERP was the best candidate to meet our needs, so we looked for a strong OpenERP partner in the US and we selected OpenERP Gold Partner Ursa Information Systems.

In the meantime, Ursa Information Systems partnered with OpenERP Gold Partner Camptocamp to offer Magento-OpenERP integration services. These partners worked together to deliver an advanced solution for Logic Supply, based on Camptocamp’s new connector technology. 

The partnership between Camptocamp, Ursa Information Systems, and Logic Supply kick started the development of the new connector, and lead to the success of the project.”

You were involved in the early stages of the development of the New OpenERP Magento Connector. How would you judge Camptocamp’s performance?

“I was really impressed and happy with Camptocamp: the team was responsive and very good technically. I thought at the beginning that the connector part would be tough to implement but it went quite smoothly!”

Your Magento 1.7 is now synchronized with OpenERP 7.0 via the OpenERP Magento Connector “New Generation”. Would you recommend this setup?

“Yes, the connector is robust and complete in its movement of data between Magento and OpenERP. The performance is good and it is designed well.

I especially like the way that the connector picks up one transaction at a time and if one transaction fails, the others behind it are unaffected. I look forward to the connector being a key piece of Logic Supply Inc. software for years to come.”

How do you see the future of your business?

“With Magento 1.7, OpenERP 7.0 and the OpenERP Magento Connector New Generation, we are now convinced that we now have a global solution that will allow us to sustain our growth and increase our profitability. We are excited about the future!”

Thank you very much David! Camptocamp is proud of this outcome. Keep in touch!