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Odoo multi-company: Dépil Tech chose Camptocamp! Customer Testimonial

16 November 2016

We are delighted to announce that Camptocamp was chosen amongst five other Odoo providers to integrate Odoo within the Dépil Tech Group.

Dépil Tech is the leader of Permanent Hair Removal, based on innovative and proprietary technology. The company also offers Derm Light, a skin treatment offering s a solution to all ages and all skin types, with absolute results in 5 sessions.

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With a network of over 120 centers (branches and franchises) across France, the brand is also present in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Mexico, and soon in Spain and Canada! Dépil Tech is definitely a solid reference of an Odoo multi-company implementation since the company wants to deploy Odoo within each of its partner companies.

Renaud Labaume,  CIO of Dépil Tech, exclusively describes the reasons for choosing Odoo one the one hand, and Camptocamp on the other.

Can you detail the genesis of this ERP project and its objectives?

The trigger of this ERP project has been the assessment the current situation. Indeed, after taking office, I decided to audit our “home-made” management software and I concluded that it had to be quickly replaced because of the following reasons:

  • recurrent instability, even after many months of work;
  • presence of bugs we failed to understand the origin of;
  • lack of basic features, yet essential;
  • nonexistent documentation;
  • the increasingly complex and costly functional development.

Moreover, adapting the other processes supporting the development of the activity became a critical issue for Dépil Tech (in particular: human resources, accounting, projects, reporting).

This is why the most viable solution in our opinion was to deploy an ERP, both from a financial point of view and from tight planning perspective.

Our first criterion of choice was to move towards a modern solution, with a maximum of integrated features, this with a cost adapted to the budget we had defined. Then we realized that the choice of the integrator of the solution was equally important, to accompany us to the best in our international development.

An integrator actually having the ability to deploy the tool on several countries taking into account the differences – particularly in terms of accounting – was ultimately a must.

What were the reasons that led you to prefer Odoo to carry out your ERP project?

First, we compared different market players, both known proprietary ERP/CRM (especially SAP, Sage and SalesForce) and Open Source solutions.

In addition to the proposed functional coverage, we carefully studied the budgetary issue, in particular the projection of long-term costs for a network of franchises such as ours that is developing rapidly. Both for integration and recurrent costs, the costs varied from simple to triple!

We finally choose Odoo given the adequacy of costs (short and long term) with our budget.  We opted for the Odoo Enterprise edition, which provides additional services and modules (provided by the publisher) compared to the Community edition. However, we would not have chosen Odoo if this ERP solution did not offer solid guarantees, namely:

  • the robustness of the application, which results in more than 2 million users in the world today;
  • a business logic corresponding to regulations and best practices;
  • an internationalization already in place for over 120 countries (including all countries in our development plan for a multi-company Odoo deployment);
  • a true community supporting the editor, with numerous Odoo extensions and adaptations to match different local contexts.

You contacted several partners for your multi-company Odoo project and you preferred to be accompanied by Camptocamp: why did you make this choice?

Amongst the providers consulted for our Odoo project, the quality of exchanges and the involvement of sales engineers were very uneven.

Three providers rapidly stood out of the lot, knowing that one of them had decided to withdraw from the competition, having judged it would not be able to meet our time constraints.

Then, several key factors convinced us that Camptocamp would be able to accompany us best for our project:

  • the quality of the relationship with Camptocamp, especially strong listening skills and analysis of their teams;
  • the strong involvement of Camptocamp in the Odoo community and its relations with the other Odoo partners worldwide; indeed, Camptocamp is at the origin of the creation of the OCA (Odoo Community Association, the Odoo community worldwide) and is still very active within it.

What did you particularly appreciate in the commercial approach and understanding of your needs from Camptocamp?

I spent a lot of time in the pre-sales phase to specify with as much detail as possible our Odoo multi-company project and our needs.

Camptocamp, most particularly Maxime Wiot, discerned our problems, expectations and goals. The fact that we challenged our needs was also a very valuable factor, namely to propose certain alternatives when it was relevant in order to remain as close as possible to the original functioning of Odoo.

Our budget and time constraints have thus been met by limiting intelligently specific developments.

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Do you also have an international Odoo multi-company project? Do not hesitate to contact our experts now for an analysis of your project and a budget estimate!