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Odoo Magento Connector for Odoo 9: crowdfunding campaign

16 November 2015

Following the recent release of Odoo 9 and all related developments, the Odoo Magento connector currently available for Odoo 8 needs now to be adapted.

Just for OpenERP 7 then Odoo 8, Camptocamp is launching again a crowdfunding campaign to collect the necessary budget to migrate the set of Odoo 8 modules towards Odoo 9.Odoo Magento Connector

To date, over 3,000 € have already been collected but we need still need your support! To contribute, you can go directly to the page dedicated to the project on Indiegogo.

E-merchants who want to plug their Magento platform with the ERP Open Source Odoo are the main users of these developments since they have become very popular in recent years – if one refers to the number of downloads recorded on Odoo Apps Store and the activity of the mailing list of users.

But the range of possible uses of the Odoo Magento connector is much broader! Indeed, the Odoo Magento connector is actually based on a powerful core software component named Odoo Connector, namely a development framework which aims at facilitating, organizing and making reliable a two-way synchronization between Odoo and and all types of application or service.

Examples of existing connectors developed from this “Odoo Connector” framework:

  • Odoo PrestaShop connector;
  • Odoo WooCommerce connector;
  • Odoo SalesForce connector;
  • feature to import large volumetry data in Odoo via CSV files in the background.

To date, with over 8’000 downloads for “Odoo Magento” and over 2’800 for “Odoo Connector” in the Odoo Apps Store, these developments are simply the most downloaded modules of the Odoo Community worldwide!

Help now the Community reach its financing goal to migrate these modules for Odoo 9 !

The perks are the following:

  • with 100€, have your name listed on the acknowledgments page announcing the availability of the source code of the developments made compatible for Odoo 9;
  • with 500€, have your name directly on the module description; superb advertising choice if you are an Odoo integrator!
  • with 1000€, get one hour of coaching with one of the leading project developers and ask any questions you want!
  • with 2000€, download a virtual machine including a Magento demo site connected to Odoo 9 Community, which can be used in two ways:
    • either as a typical example to reproduce to connect your own e-commerce site to Odoo;
    • or as a tool to make a concrete demonstration of the connector and therefore help convince other users!

Odoo Magento Connector

On behalf of the entire community, thank you for your help and for your support!