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Odoo 9 Enterprise: new design and new finance module

27 October 2015


As part of the release of Odoo 9 Enterprise, the publisher has provided an enormous work on the interface design to improve the users’ experience and productivity. Limit the number of clicks, reduce the distance between two or three successive clicks having a high probability to occur: this was the editor team’s slogan dedicated to ergonomics.

Note also that this new web client is also mobile responsive, meaning that the Odoo 9 Enterprise web interface adapts natively to small screens of smartphones, which is a real progress for all features!

Odoo 9 New Design

Meanwhile,  the Odoo Community version 9 inherits the previous web client of version 8, with some minor changes.

ODOO 9 ENTERPRISE: global Re-ARCHITECTURE of accounting

First, the account book is now the entry point of any action in this module, thus gaining intuitiveness in Odoo 9 Enterprise.

The notion of hierarchy among accountants – unnecessarily complicated – is abandoned and replaced by tags, which greatly facilitates the import of a custom chart of accounts: this will delight our customers in Switzerland! For our French customer, not allowed to use a different chart of accounts than the General Chart of Accounts, the publisher has also thought about you: the peculiarities related to the recognition of checks processing is better taken into account.

Odoo 9 Enterprise Accounting

On the other hand, two accounting entries lock levels are now available – against one before – which provides CFOs with the flexibility to make the necessary accounting adjustments while having already blocked some operations on some entries to other users.

While fluidifying the use of the daily accounting module, the disappearance of the concept of accounting period invalidates the passage of an accounting entry opening each new year, sometimes a tedious operation.

Until version 8, our Odoo finance experts recommended our customers not to use the Pay Now button on invoices since this invoice payment method could be inconsistent with the reconciliation process through the bank statement. With Odoo 9, when you have already marked as paid some invoices via the Pay Now button, then these transaction lines also present in your bank statement will be ignored because existing. Convenient!

Odoo 9 Enterprise financial reports

Finally, financial reports can now be annotated and you can zoom in real time on each line to understand the details, prior to generating a PDF or to exporting data in an Excel format.

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