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Odoo 10: what’s new? MRP, PLM, Maintenance, Quality (1/2)

27 September 2016

Camptocamp, Odoo Gold partner, reveals a preview of the main innovations of Odoo 10, whose release is imminent.

For Odoo 10 (Enterprise Edition), the focus of the editor has been the deep re-architecting of  the production management module. New features are also involved: quality management, maintenance management and management changes in the product design process/manufacturing.

odoo 10 mrp

Odoo 10 Production

Let’s look at the changes made by Odoo 10 to the module “Production”. First, it has now a “Master Production Schedule” (MPS).

Thus, depending on customers’ confirmed ordes, inventory levels and sales forecasts, the ERP will automatically launch supplies and/or production orders at the appropriate time, taking into account the required production time and lead times of the components of the associated nomenclature.

odoo 10 mps

Odoo 10 PLM (product life cycle)

The versioning of nomenclatures and routings is now supported and orchestrated by the new “Product Lifecycle Management” (PLM) module.
Here you ca define the types of changes that can be applied, such as the replacement of a component or the changing a process. The related approval workflow can be also customized to see which users/departments are allowed to validate (or just comment) the change request.

When the change request “Engineering Change Order” (ECO) is enabled, a new version of the nomenclature and/or routing can be created and applied immediately, or from a specific date.

odoo 10 plm

Odoo 10 barcodes, nomenclatures and work centers

Interesting finding: the support of barcode scanners is extended beyond the simply scan of EAN13 products and lot numbers/series.

Indeed, many operations are now possible via a simple scan of the appropriate barcode. For example: displaying a production order on the screen, checking the availability of components, the action of consuming components, or set as finished the MO.

The management of work orders is also facilitated. It is indeed expected to flash a barcode to start a work order, pause it and finish it. Convenient!

odoo 10 barcode
Note that other operations emulated by barcodes are available in the Warehouse module. For example: edit, validate or cancel a logistical operation, put in a package, previous operation, next operation.

On the other hand, a new menu appears for dismantling goods – whether manufactured or purchased – if there is an associated nomenclature. It is therefore unlikely that Camptocamp will migrate to Odoo 10 a similar module that we developed on Odoo 9 for a customer in German-speaking Switzerland.

Regarding work centers, you can track the percentage of efficiency and identify productivity losses (failure, decreased performance, lack of parts …).

Also, a work center can now be linked to one or more equipments. To recall, the concept of equipment appeared on Odoo 9 to manage employees to material assignments and associated support requests.

Odoo 10 maintenance and quality

Therefore, the “Equipment” module expands too and it is naturally renamed “Maintenance” by the editor.

Indeed, the equipment can now be preventive and/or corrective maintenance. You are free to set the maintenance teams, the categories of your equipment and workflow maintenance.

This “Maintenance” comes as standard with Odoo 10 is undeniably meant to replace the excellent community module suite on the subject; but it may not be the case immediately, as these community modules are more advanced.

For one of our major customers in the building sector in France, the functionality of these modules have been extended to allow to replace equipment components in connection with the inventory management module.
Finally, we regret the lack of connection that persists between equipment in the physical sense and an asset in the accounting sense.

Quality management process begins to dawn as standard in Odoo 10; since OpenERP 6, there is a proven community following modules dealing with this theme. For now, these community modules go beyond the standard currently proposed by the editor.

Discover now in our next blog post the other improvements made to Odoo 10.