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GeoMapfish version 2.3 is out!

24 May 2018

GeoMapfish is a web GIS application, scalable and flexible, with many features. It offers several interfaces: desktop, mobile, administration, or others more specific, including an API to integrate maps in third-party applications. Based on OGC standards, a GeoMapfish portal allows spatial data to be distributed as services (WMS-T, WFS-T) to other web or desktop clients. On this basis, cartographic business applications can be built.

GeoMapfish brings the best technology tools into one application:

  • OpenLayers 4, AngularJS and nGEO client side;
  • Papyrus based on Pyramid for the framework;
  • MapServer, QGIS Server or GeoServer for map services;
  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS for datas;
  • MapFish Print to print document with maps in PDF or PNG.

This new version adds a series of new features:

  1. New administration interface
  2. New features in the main interface (read external WMS or KML – local files or URL -, map rotation, change windows size)
  3. New feature in the mobile interface (support of themes and layer opacity)

Features Overview

Administration Interface

The administration interface is an important part of the portal as it allows managers to configure several features of the application, from the layer tree to access rights. The current portal administration interface is quite old and can be improved.

The new interface focuses on several aspects:

  • Clearer and more ergonomic interface, which includes visible actions centered on the layer tree, improved filters on the lists, a modification of the order by moving the blocks
  • Modern technologies based on the c2cgeoform project
Main screen
The new administration interface is centered on the layer tree. The main screen shows the full read-only tree structure. When clicking on a group or layer, the tree structure opens on the groups and layers. Click on the “actions” button to display the possible options:

  • Editing
  • Duplicate
  • Add a group, a WMS or a WMTS layer
  • Remove a group or a layer from the theme or group
  • Delete

The background group (which contains the layers used in the background) and the unused layers are not listed.

Objets lists
The top banner allows you to choose which type of object to configure (themes, groups, restriction area, etc.), each configuration screen displays a list of objects of this type. Lists can be filtered by an attribute and a button allows to add a new object.

Lists can be ordered by different attributes (by clicking in the table header) and a paging mechanism is used.

The form edition uses the standard tool of the c2cgeoform framework. To make the information clearer, the fields of the same family are grouped.

Checkbox lists have an icon for editing the element (a role, for example). When clicking on this icon, a check is made to make sure there are no changes in progress. For elements that have sub-elements, a list of objects that can be moved by drag’n drop allows you to change the order:

Finally, a “Duplicate” button allows you to copy the element into most forms.

In some cases, subforms are required to attach one element to another. The interface parameters (metadata section of the layer configuration) are now edited directly in the layer form:

The layer elements have two special features:
  • Default values can be set by the administrator
  • WMS layers can be converted to WMTS layers and vice versa

 WMS/KML browser Integration

The WMS/KML browser was implemented by the Swisstopo team and we integrated it into the GeoMapfish interface. This version includes the following features:

  • Local and remote files
  • KML and GPX files
  • WMS and WMTS Services

In addition to this integration, we have added the ability to add layers to the layer tree, remove layers, enable or disable them from the display. The management of these layers in short links has been added. The WMS/KML browser is available in the tool list, to the right:

MAP rotation

In GeoMapFish 2.2, map rotation has been disabled. This development activates it again.

Rotation and buttons
Users can rotate the map. Actions to achieve this rotation are standard. Some buttons only appear when the map is not facing North. The appearance of the buttons is as follows (mobile, tablet and desktop):

In order to distinguish the buttons easily, the geolocation button is now represented by a target.

A new automatic rotation parameter is available and the administrator can decide between different behaviors:
  • Off: same behavior as in the past
  • Enabled: point displayed in the center, rotate with GPS and return to the north when deactivated

Movable and resizable window

In GeoMapFish 2.2, popup windows and query results cannot be moved. Moving a window is important in some cases, so that users can see the entire map. This also includes the ability to resize windows. Windows that can be moved and resized are:

  • All modal windows (disclaimer, information window, “Share a map” window, etc.)
  • Query Result Window

The appearance of the windows has also been improved.

Optimization of the results window

Various optimizations have been made to the results window. It is, for example, possible to minimize or maximize the window by closing, opening the window (mobile version only).

NO-FLUSH in the layer tree in the mobile version

The mobile version had, in version 2.2, no system preventing the deletion of a loaded theme when a new theme was activated. This system is called no-flush. We added it in this version.

Opacity of the layers in the mobile

Users appreciate being able to put a layer slightly transparent to compare it with a layer underneath. This feature is already present in the desktop version, we added it in the mobile version. We took this opportunity to improve the layer tree in the mobile version, which is now closer to what we find in the desktop version:

  • An identical symbol for access to options (legend and opacity)
  • Option block that allows additional features to be added in the future

Opacity or legend blocks can be closed or open.

List of few projects

Voici une liste non exhaustive de projets en version 2.2, d’autres sont en cours de migration :

Also find our demo in version 2.3:

Roadmap toward GeoMapfish 2.4

Below are some features that are planned in the next version of GeoMapFish:

  • Configuration of the columns order (display and editing)
  • Read-only attributes
  • Link to an external form
  • Delete vertex menu (edit mode)
  • Zoom on the refocusing of a layer
  • Read-only drawing in the mobile version
  • Changing the size of the layer tree
  • Radio buttons in a layer group
  • Automatic link in the results window
  • Improved printing in A0 format

Further improvements will be incorporated as they are funded and developed.

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