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Floor management with QGIS Server and GeoMapFish

11 September 2018

Camptocamp has integrated the GeoMapFish solution as one of the components of the GIS platform of Aéroports de Lyon (ADL). One of the objectives of ADL was to be able to consult and manage the indoor information of airport buildings. Floor navigation has already been successfully implemented by Camptocamp on behalf of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) on the site which uses Mapserver. At first this technical solution was deployed for ADL. However, it has become necessary to extend the use of this feature with QGIS Server which is now favored for the publication of vector data layers by ADLs.

After technical analysis, we made the decision to rely on the use of OGC filters with the FILTER parameter applied to WMS GetMap and WFS GetFeature queries.This approach allows us not to depend on the map server which we expect to be able to process such requests as Geoserver, Mapserver or QGIS Server.Camptocamp had previously contributed to the improvement of QGIS Server 3 by adding support for OGC filters. Other improvements have been made to the management of projection systems for WFS and the decoding of parameters in queries.

In practice, these developments make it possible to filter a request according to any attribute of a layer. Below is the result implemented for ADL with the ability to navigate from one floor to another. The query and query tools take this floor dimension into account.

Gestion des étages avec QGIS Server et GeoMapFish pour les Aéroports de Lyon

Floor management with QGIS Server and GeoMapFish

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