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Funding of New OpenERP Magento Connector: we are almost done!

26 July 2013

New OpenERP Magento Connector is now 100% functional

Since January, Camptocamp has been focusing most of its R&D efforts on the full refactoring of the OpenERP Magento Connector – magentoerpconnect – to make it fully compatible with OpenERP 7.0 and the latest Magento versions.

The new OpenERP Magento Connector has indeed been completely re-engineered to definitely be faster to implement and easier to maintain. For big e-commerce businesses, it comes out with an innovative synchronization system to support very large volumes of data to import/export hundreds and thousands of sales orders in a single day.

A short video has recently been published to introduce this OpenERP Magento Connector New Generation. If you want to get more information, feel free to send us an email at

Use this module to connect OpenERP to any other apps!

Thanks to the increased flexibility, it is now easier to connect OpenERP with an other e-commerce platform or to develop your own connector since:

  • The “connector framework” is 100% functional and ready to use (listener, tasks queue, logging system to replay failed actions…);
  • The OpenERP Magento “top layer” is fully operational and already in the process of being in production within a few e-shops worldwide;
  • The OpenERP PrestaShop “top layer” has also been developed and the OpenERP RBS Change “top layer” is currently being developed.

A few weeks ago, Camptocamp gave a presentation on this new connector at the OpenERP Days 2013.

Given the great interest fueled by this talk, the “connector framework” from the New OpenERP Magento Connector truly positions itself as THE generic module which is going to be used by the entire OpenERP Community to facilitate the connection between OpenERP and multiple other software.

To launch such a powerful “connector framework”, Camptocamp has already invested a huge amount of time to connect in a very powerful way OpenERP and e-commerce platforms or other applications.

Contribute and get immediate access to the source code!

Back in January, Camptocamp initiated a funding campaign which allowed us to gather EUR 70’000.- and today, we still need to raise EUR 30’000.- to finance our R&D efforts and make this project available to the entire community.

This is the reason why we are kindly requesting your financial support if you want to get full and immediate access and benefit of these new developments for your project(s):

  • With EUR 1’000.- you will receive the code and documentation (in a .zip file);
  • If you are an e-commerce company, with EUR 3’000.- we will give you access – for your own implementation – to the private Launchpad branch (repository) to get the code, documentation and updates in real-time;
  • If you are a service company i.e. an OpenERP and/or Magento integrator and want to have full access for multiple clients together with support from Camptocamp’s R&D team, please contact us for more details.

If you are interested, please send us your inquiry at Just one more push to reach our forecast goal!

Thank you so much for your interest and cooperation!