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Camptocamp official Puppet Labs partner in France and Switzerland

28 February 2013

Discover how to automate, optimize and streamline your IT infrastructure with Puppet and Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions division!

Thanks to its extensive experience with Puppet since 2007 and to a partnership concluded in 2013 with the editor, Camptocamp now offers official Puppet Labs training, which also prepares attendees for the Puppet Labs’ certification program:

Since Puppet was launched, Camptocamp has been actively contributing to the development and evolutions of this Open Source solution:

  • by  developing and maintaining numerous well-know modules on GitHub;
  • by participating to and organizing various events: Puppet Camp, training,…;
  • by intervening directly on the various communication channels of the project (mailing-list, IRC, bug reports) ;
  • by contributing to related projects such as Augeas or MCollective.

Puppet automation solutions are nowadays used in most of our project implementations. They do guarantee the deployment and the long-term management of our Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as geOrchestra, MapFish, OpenLayers, and PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and of our Enterprise Resource Planning solution, OpenERP.

The deployment of client/server applications might require tens or even hundreds of servers in order to meet the needs of users. To guarantee the high availability and the reproducibility of the deployed applications, the configuration of all servers must be as homogeneous as possible and their management fully automated.

Endorsed by many large companies, including Google, Twitter, VMware, and RedHat, Puppet has established itself as one of the leading solution to automate the management of server farms.

Contact-us to register to our training in Lyon (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland)!