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Camptocamp at the 2014 FOSS4G conference

25 August 2014

Camptocamp’s core developers of OpenLayers, MapFish and GeoNetwork and will attend the 2014 FOSS4G conference taking place in Portland, OR, USA.

At the general sessions, running from September 8 to 10, Campocamp will give the following talks:

  • “OpenLayers 3: a unique mapping library” by Eric Lemoine: this talk will present the latest advances of the OpenLayers library, focusing on aspects that make OpenLayers 3 stand out. OpenLayers 3, amongst other things, uses technologies, techniques and algorithms that enable high-quality and high-performance vector rendering. This presentation will teach the optimizations and techniques OpenLayers 3 uses internally, and how they can be used in web-mapping applications.
  • “Next Generation of Printed Maps” by Jesse Eichar: Mapfish-print is a library and web-application for printing maps and reports using data from multiple online web mapping solutions like WMS, WMTS, OSM, WFS, GeoJson, etc. Mapfish-print V3 is the result of a major change in the underlying implementation. Thanks to integration with Jasper Reports and the new pluggable architecture, the new version of Mapfish print is more powerful, flexible and scalable than ever before. This talk, targeted at the primarily website developers and managers, will look at the new features, the report designer, advanced formatting, upgrade, design decisions, etc.

Eric Lemoine will also represent Camptocamp at two workshops entitled “OpenLayers 3 – First contact” where participants will get familiar with the core concepts of OL3 and “FOSS4G routing with pgRouting, OpenStreetMap road data and OpenLayers” where participants will learn how to add routing functionality to PostGIS with pgRouting. Additionally, Jesse Eichar will represent Camptocamp at the “GeoNetwork for dummies, or how to setup and use an SDI in 3 hours” workshop.

Being the largest global gathering focused on Open Source geospatial software and drawing developers, users, decision-makers and observers from all over the world, FOSS4G is definitely a great opportunity to meet our experienced developers working on the core package of our GIS solutions. Do not hesitate to ask them for a demo of the new capabilities of our solutions!