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14 January 2011

Camptocamp’s GeoBI developments

The term Location Intelligence refers to all those processes, technologies, applications and practices capable to combine spatial data (Geographical Information System) with business data (Business Intelligence), in order to gain critical insights, to better support decision-making processes and to optimize business activities. In other words, Location Intelligence allows to connect various types of information to cartographic data, to locate them and to consequently increase the value of the existing information systems. GeoBI is useful since some trends can only be understood and analyzed while considering their spatial dimension.


Camptocamp is member of the GeoBI Initiative created in June 2010 and whose aim is to aggregate companies, organizations, project communities and individuals into an open community aiming to foster the cooperation in the Location Intelligence domain and to support research activities ; this allows to convert the results into innovative enterprise applications as well as to enrich and integrate the existing Open Source GIS and BI solutions, through the adoption of open standards.


Within the Initiative, Camptocamp participated with the company Engineering Group to the FOSSA2010 conference (Grenoble, France) organized by par INRIA.


Also, Camptocamp managed a project for ETC LUSI which was presented at  FOSS4G 2010 in Barcelona (Spain) as a good example of developments achieved by our Geospatial team in this domain.


The developed interface offers the user an ergonomic tool for study and analysis (SOLAP type)  of the  evolutions of land management and use in Europe (the final objective being to analyze  the environmental consequences of these evolutions).


The spatial cube part of the application is based on GeoMondrian. The setting up of  GeoMondrian was made with the collaboration of the Canadian company Spatialytics, also member of the GeoBI Initiative. A Java GeoBI server based on GeoTools, JfreeChart and OLAP4J provides WMS-type Web services for the maps and an API allowing a client/server interaction, using JSON as exchange format. The client interface offers a MDX query builder and a result visualization of three synchronized types : map, table and graphics.


This project is a true example of the increasing GeoBI developments Camptocamp Geospatial team is able to achieve.

For additional information on GeoBI solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.



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