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Create your Atlas using geOrchestra 16.12

25 April 2017

How to create an Atlas using your SDI?

To follow up on the 16.12 release of geOrchestra, we would like to shed light on the Atlas addon, which was ordered and financed by the city of Rennes (France). This new function creates a user-defined book of maps using the viewer “Mapfishapp”.

Who is it for?

All the SDI users

What is it for?

This function comes in handy for multiple needs such as:  

  • Simple public communication based on complex data and maps;
  • Reporting to decision boards;
  • Reporting to legal obligations (inventories: Natura 2000) or state of the art (construction license);
  • Simple data compilation.

How does it work?

The user builds maps as usual through the viewer interface, adding data (using the metadata catalog, OGC web services, local GIS data). All the layers including their format (colors, notes, scale..) will be taken into account in the Atlas.  

The next step is to specify the map elements included in the Atlas:

  • Legend;
  • The printing format (A3/A4, portait or landscape);
  • Resolution;
  • The main title of the Atlas, and the page titles.

The last step is to choose the output format: multipage pdf or a compressed format with several pdf. Once this is done the user receives an email with a link to download the Atlas.

Learn more:

  • Addon Atlas Github repository here
  • New 16.12 version of geOrchestra here

Any questions? Suggestions? Do you want to know how to get involved/use geOrchestra? Please contact us and save the date for the annual geOcom meeting from June 6 to 8 in Chambéry!

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