Camptocamp – Referenzen

Office National des Forêts (ONF) – FR


Naturalist Database (NDB):  the objective of this project is to provide ONF agents, and ultimately to a set of ONF partners, an application for centralized management of naturalistic data.

Key elements

  • Centralized management of naturalist data
  • Application configurable and therefore generic
  • NFB Intranet access

Context and goals

The application provides assisted and controlled data entry functions, validation functions, search and lookup functions, and administration functions. It also provides interoperable interfaces for other systems.

The principle of this application is based on centralized data management. It is therefore a question of implementing functions of importing existing databases and of providing centralized capture functions in order to obtain a single basis considered as the national reference of the ONF Biodiversity Information System.

To meet this need, the NDB application is based mainly on three axes

  • The first is to build the software architecture on a centralized and sustainable management of metadata and taxonomic references
  • The second axis is to rely on this metadata system to have a parameterizable and therefore generic application
  • The third is to provide an intuitive, open and interoperable interface


The implementation of the application was entrusted to a consortium composed of the skills of the National Forest Inventory (NFI) for the management of the attribute data and Camptocamp for the online Geographic Information System (GIS) part.

Camptocamp responded to the need for dissemination through the development of a WebGIS, based on an architecture composed of Open Source compnents and a thin client developed from MapFish and OpenLayers. Strong expectations in terms of fluidity of the information display have led Camptocamp to develop interfaces using the ExtJS library, which is particularly efficient in this field and thus makes the use of this application very comfortable.

The server-side GIS architecture was also designed by Camptocamp, based on several machines hosting MapServer and TileCache (1TB of source data management), with high performance requirements.


  • Spatial SGBDR: PostGreSQL/PostGIS
  • WebGIS : MapFish, OpenLayers
  • Javascript Librairy: ExtJS
  • Cartographic engine: MapServer, TileCache
  • Cartographic repositories:IGN rasters and orthophotos