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Sextant V4: Marine Geographic Database

Key elements

  • A discovery service for the pooling of marine data
    Elegant consultation and extraction of data according to rights
  • Website : 


Based on Open Source technologies, the Sextant portal of Ifremer ensures the sharing of marine data. Ifremer reaffirms its trust with the European specialist of the OpenSource.

Ifremer has developed for its own needs a marine geographical data server called Sextant, currently available in Intranet (since 2001) and in Extranet (since 2005) in its second version. This project manages vector data and its metadata.

The purpose of this server is to gather and distribute all the geographic reference data needed by IFREMER so that GIS users can benefit from this data thanks to the advanced extraction capabilities. Sextant also allows the creation of sites of shared information as sites called „thematic“.


Version 4 of the sextant catalog is based on Geonetwork version 2.6.1. The new catalog takes advantage of the latest Geonetwork developments such as validation rules for ISO 19139, multilingualism and service metadata. IFREMER thus offers a tool capable of meeting the technical constraints of interoperability of the European INSPIRE directive.

Integrated as a portlet within a Liferay portal, the search interface, based on the OpenLayers and Jquery libraries, queries an instance of Geonetwork using the CSW protocol. This protocol has been enhanced to specifically take into account the „group“ parameter in order to restrict the requests.

The Sextant catalog does not use the standard rights management of Geonetwork. Authentication and definition of ACLs is based on an LDAP directory, access to all Sextant components being managed by a CAS server.


  • Style: CSS
  • Javascript Librairy : Jquery
  • Catalog : GeoNetwork