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Implementation of a Mutualized Geographic Information Platform in Aquitaine (PIGMA)


In order to promote the coherence of the description of the territory on a strategic and operational level, the GIP ATGeRi sets up a Mutualized Geographic Information System in Aquitaine (PIGMA) with the help of Europe, the governement and the Council Régional d’Aquitaine, and thanks to the self-financing of its members, particularly the Departmental Fire and Rescue Services.

La carte

La carte


The main objective of theGIP ATGeRi is to drive a regional dynamic for the dissemination and use of geographic information in Aquitaine, but also:

  • To promote interoperability between services
  • To stimulate a regional dynamic of sharing around decision-making tools in addition to local actions
  • To generate a saving of public money by pooling purchases and resources.


Camptocamp managed this project by proposing the spatial data infrastructure geOrchestra, a Java solution based on OGC standards. The architecture is very modular and integrates a catalog, a pool, an extractor, a visualizer itself integrating a requestor, a styleer and a module of connection to the catalog.

Le catalogue est central et gère l’iThe catalog is central and manages the integration of data packages, their referencing and publication as a service.

The viewer, through the catalog connector, shows the available layers for display in the catalog. It also provides identified users with a layering-formatting styleer by editing an SLD and a requestor enabling the selection of objects in a layer by definition of attribute and / or geometric filters. A specific interface allows the editing of collaborative layers managed in database. The issue of rights management is managed at the application level and at the service level. Thus the SSO CAS is integrated into the different modules (geoserver, geonetwork, mapfish) and it allows access to the profiles managed in the LDAP.


  • Spatial SGBDR: PostGreSQL/PostGIS
  • WeGIS : MapFish, OpenLayers
  • Javascript Librairy: ExtJS
  • Cartographic engine: GeoServer, GeoWebcache
  • Catalog : GeoNetwork
  • Business data: DIREN data and Region Cartographic repository: IGN RGE