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GEOSOURCE : A metadata catalog for the needs of geodata and metadata administrators at the national level.

Key elements

Context and goals

Within the realm of the CGI-GeoSciML and OneGeology project, the BRGM ensures the installation of a cataloging tool for the storage of georesources called: GéoSources. Camptocamp implemented 2.2 and 2.3 series.


Production of a catalog for the following storage georesources types:

  • Maps as Web Map Context
  • Styles via SLD (Style Layer Descriptor) standards
  • Data metadata
  • Service metadata

A terminology database is implemented to store common vocabularies (lithology, stratigraphy, age) accessible through web service. These vocabularies are stored in GeoSciML format. The project’s main challenges include:

  • The implementation of the ISO19119 standard for service metadata;
  • Harvesting service and data metadata from OGC WMS, WFS, WPS and WCS web services;
  • The establishment of a Web service for access to the termbase via XML technologies.

This catalog allows users to access all of the OneGeology data of the geological services (England, France, Australia, etc.). The catalog enables to generate data and services metadata quickly and automatically from the web services that distribute the information. These features have been developed in close collaboration with the GeoNetwork Open Source project community to provide consistent functionalities for all users of the cataloging tools.

Non-contractual illustration to developed versions


  • Open Source GeoNetwork
  • NativeXML eXist database and xForms technologies