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Puppet Training – Getting started with Puppet – Official Program

System administrators, DevOps, discover how to stop manually managing your servers with our official Puppet Training! Given by a certified trainer.

Camptocamp: #1 Puppet expert since 2007! – Puppet Training

puppet training

Dates and locations

  • 5th to 7th March 2019 in Lausanne or Olten
  • 4th to 6th June 2019 in Lausanne or Olten
  • Private training sessions can also be organized across Europe upon request

Contact and booking

Goals of this puppet training

Lab-focused and prescriptive, this Puppet Training provides a faster way to bring your IT environment under control by using Puppet, Puppet Discovery, tasks and Bolt, Puppet Development Kit (PDK), and the Puppet Forge. You will be armed with the tools and resources to automate your infrastructure and get up and running faster than ever.

Target audience and prerequisites

The target audience for this course includes newer members at an organization already using Puppet, or experienced sysadmins wanting to bring Puppet into their team as a new solution. This course has no prerequisites, but to complete the course successfully attendees need to have at least the equivalent experience of a junior Unix/Linux administrator.

Lecture Content/Topics (official curriculum)

  • Day 1
    • Puppet products overview
    • Explore the Puppet Enterprise console
    • Run Puppet Discovery
    • Run Puppet Bolt and tasks
    • Understand Puppet task plans
    • Understand declarative and imperative
    • Puppet concepts
    • Set up your lab environment
  • Day 2
    • Understand the lifecycle of a Puppet agent run
    • Use Puppet modules from the Forge
    • Create wrapper modules
    • Apply basic module testing
    • Create role and profile modules
  • Day 3
    • Create a baseline with Puppet
    • Create and accept parameters in the baseline
    • Define an application stack with Puppet

This Puppet Training will mix theory and practice, balancing 50% lecture with 50% hands-on exercises.


  • Public training in France or Switzerland: please contact us
  • Private training: please contact us
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