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PostGIS: advanced implementation

This session, geared for experienced PostGIS users, will allow to become more experienced in the use, optimization and administration of this spatial database; it will help you maximize the power of the spatial functions of the tool, to rewrite queries, to optimize performance significantly, and to administer a PostGIS database in production.


  • Be able to use advanced spatial features
  • Know how to use the main mechanisms and optimization methods
  • Know the specifics of the administration of a spatial database


2 days

Targeted audience

  • GIS Developers
  • DBA


  • Very good knowledge of SQL 92 and relational model
  • Good level using PostGIS
  • Good knowledge of database administration
  • Mastery of a programming language


  • Complex spatial analysis
    • Advanced spatial queries
    • Complex topological tools (ST_RELATE)
    • Validation and topological clean-up of geographical data
    • Pl/PgSQL programming basis
  • Low-level PostGIS architecture
    • liblwgeom, lwgeom, GEOS
    • Spatial data structures
  • Optimization of spatial queries
    • Understand the plan of an SQL query with PostgreSQL
    • Analysis of performances of SQL queries
    • Configuration of PostgreSQL: postgresql.conf file
    • Optimization of spatial queries
    • Advanced use of spatial indexes
    • Optimization of physical storing
  • Relational model
    • Specificities of the data relational model of PostgreSQL (inheritance, scheme, etc.)
    • Verification of spatial data
    • Dynamic creation of tables or spatial views


  • INRA (FR)


Upon request


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training is part of a convention

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