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Odoo Sales Training (and CRM)

TThrough this Odoo Sales Training (and CRM), you will get the necessary skills for sales management and all related processes with Odoo, including: sales, CRM, purchasing, and inventory.

Odoo Sales Training (and CRM): topics

  • Ergonomics: navigation, views, creation/deletion/modification of data, filters, combinations;
  • CRM: lead management, business portfolio follow-up
  • Management of sales and purchases:
    • Customers and suppliers;
    • Products (sales and purchases);
    • Understanding the different types of products;
    • Quotes and customer orders;
    • Quotation and supplier purchase orders;
    • Understanding of the different possible flows for billing and delivery;
    • Price lists (sales and purchases);
    • Management and monitoring of margins.
  • Inventory management:
    • Understanding of the stock movements mechanism (double entry);
    • Notion of true stock (stock available) and estimated stock (virtual);
    • Units of measure (sales, purchases, stocks) ;
    • Warehouses and locations;
    • Types of locations and channels;
    • Logistics (push and pull processes) ;
    • Procurement methods: on order (Make to Order) and stock (Make to Stock);
    • Supply methods: bought (Buy) or manufactured (Produce);
    • Storage strategies, sample (FEFO / FIFO / LIFO) and recovery;
    • Minimum and maximum stock rules;
    • Traceability;
    • Using bar-code scanners;
  • Dashboards and reporting.


You are a professional dealing with sales, purchased, and/or stocks.

How does it work?

  • This Odoo Sales Training (and CRM) is part of a coaching contract (hours pack of 30, 50 or 100 hours);
  • Services may be provided on-site, at our premises or remotely (email, phone, video conferencing, screen sharing);
  • You can either ask us promptly on request (ticket system) or else prefer planned interventions (ranging from half-day to three days).


  • Please contact us