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MapServer: deployment and configuration

MapServer is an Open Source platform for publishing spatial data and interactive mapping applications to the web.

MapServer is a robust application with a very large community of users and projects.

In addition to its Open Source nature, MapServer is distinguished from other mapping engines for its ability to handle very many formats of cartographic data, the quality of its graphics rendering, its richness in terms of symbology and its processing speed.


  • Know the features, characteristics and limitations of Mapserver
  • Learn implement MapServer as a mapping engine in a GIS project
  • Be autonomous with the configuration of MapFile and integration of heterogeneous GIS data


3 days

Targeted audience

  • GIS managers


  • Basic knowledge in geomatics


  • Presentation of MapServer
  • Installation
  • Configuration of the main objects of MapFile
    • Map-level settings
    • Setting layers
    • Styles
  • Access to multiple data sources
    • Native raster
    • Native vector
    • OGR/GDAL Interface
    • Spatial databases (PostGIS)
    • Tileindex
    • WMS / WFS
  • Thematic classification
    • Simple vector classification
    • Complex vector classification
    • Raster Classification
  • Symbology
    • Vector and Ellipse Symbols
    • Pixmap Symbols
    • TrueType Symbols
    • Hatch Symbols
  • Implementation of OGC Web Services
    • WMS Serveur
    • WFS Serveur
  • Coupling with OpenLayers
  • Implementation of MapCache/MapProxy


  • Ministère de l’Intérieur (FR)
  • CREN
  • CRPF
  • Veolia


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Additional dates can be scheduled upon request (Lausanne, Paris, Toulouse or Chambéry)


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training is part of a convention

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