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GeoTools: use of the API

GeoTools is a JAVA library designed to access various spatial data (files, databases, spatial, OGC Web Service, etc.). GeoTools also allows you to manipulate and apply processes on these data.

This session will allow you to take control of the JAVA API of GeoTools; from operations such as read and write access to raster and vector data, to more complex operations (reprojection, graph traversal, etc.).

This training is provided by a core developer of the GeoTools project.


  • Know the main features of the GeoTools API and its extensions
  • Be able to use the main API methods


  • 2 days

Targeted audience

  • JAVA developers


  • Good level in JAVA development
  • Solid knowledge of geomatics


  • Presentation of GeoTools
  • Presentation of the API
  • API Datastore
    • Source of vectorial data
    • Read and write access on features
    • Use of transactions
    • Performances
  • Projections management
    • Creation of an CRS object (Coordinate Reference System)
    • Reprojection of geometries
    • Reprojection of features via the Query object
  • Raster management
    • Read and write access to raster files
    • Filtering operation on raster data
  • Rendering API
    • Graphic rendering of vector and raster data
    • Use of SLD (Style Layer Description) for the style description
  • WMS client API
    • GetCapabilities and GetMap queries
  • Validation API
    • Validation of a feature via the API
    • Creation of a new custom validation plugin
  • Routing API
    • Use of a Djikstra algorithm


  • OIEAU (FR)


  • Upon request


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training par of a convention


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