Camptocamp – Schulungen


AngularJS is a flexible and powerful JavaScript framework for creating web applications. Based on MVC, it allows developers to extend HTML to define specific components enriching their views. Via the implementation of concepts such as „Data-binding“, the „Injections“, the „Routing“ or „Scope“, AngularJS frees the developer from implementing many connectors between views, model and controllers and makes the website creation more intuitive and easy. Powered by Google under open-source license, AngularJS is one of the most successful frameworks of the moment. Constantly changing, it receives many contributions from the developer community, the Google team provides a common output release and already provides the output AngularJS 2, defining the standards for the web of tomorrow.


  • Know the main concepts of AngularJS
  • Be autonomous in the implementation of an application based on this framework


  • 2-3 days

Targeted audience

  • Web developers


  • Good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Good notions in Web development


      • Presentation of AngularJS
        • History
        • Ressource
        • Roadmap
      • Presentation of concepts
        • Data-binding
        • Directives
        • Scope
      • Start a project
        • Hello World example
        • Notion of module
        • Notion of binding
        • Use of expressions
      • Controlers and scope
        • Link a controler to a template
        • Notion of Scope, hierarchy of Scope
        • Use of watchers and concepts of the digest loop
      • Forms
        • Bind  forms with a model
        • Validation of input fields
        • Format fields of the form
        • Add filters
      • Services
        • Definition and types of services
        • Modularization of its application via services
        • Injection of dependencies
      • Directives
        • Understand the concept of directive
        • Life cycle
        • Discover the directives provided by AngularJS
      • Create directives
        • Implement own directives
        • Notions of scope in the directives
        • Operation of $compile
        • Communication between directives
      • Interaction with OpenLayers 3 (option)
        • Creation of webmapping-oriented services
        • Creation of components (directives) to interact with the map
        • Introduction to ngeo
      • Routing
        • Configuration of routing
        • Browsing history
        • Use of services related to routing ($route, $location)
      • Internationalization
        • Activation
        • Use
      • Tests
        • Discovery of the test framework
        • Implement tests with Protractor