27 August 2013


A delegate from Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions team attended 2 days of Debconf13, a conference we contributed to with a bronze sponsorship.

8 Juli 2013

Augeas: training courses by Camptocamp

Camptocamp is now offering Augeas training courses, as a complement to the Puppet training courses provided by Puppet Labs and their partners

14 Mai 2013

WebGIS-Infrastruktur des Kantons Basel-Landschaft

Geomatik Schweiz hat in seiner Mai-Ausgabe ein Fallbeispiel der Erneuerung der WebGIS-Infrastruktur des Kantons Basel-Landschaft veröffentlicht.

28 Februar 2013

Camptocamp official Puppet Labs partner in France and Switzerland

Découvrez comment automatiser, fiabiliser et rationaliser votre infrastructure informatique avec Puppet et Camptocamp !

7 Februar 2013

Puppet Camp 2013 & FOSDEM 2013

Last week, Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions team attended the Puppet Camp 2013 & the Build a Cloud Day in Ghent, Belgium. The event was a great success, with a total attendance of about 200 participants. Judging by the …

5 Dezember 2012

New facts from configuration parameters

On the #augeas IRC channel, it is common to get questions such as: “How can I append to the value of this configuration parameter using Augeas in Puppet?” The answer is invariably: “This is not directly possible, you’d need to …

6 Juli 2012

Puppet workshop for newcomers and beginners

Behind any successful application/Web service, there are persons obsessed by availability and scalability. The development of virtualization and the accession of almost unlimited on-demand services providers (Cloud Computing) forced …

25 Juni 2012

Puppet Camp Geneva @ RMLL 2012

Camptocamp is very proud to be part of the organization of Puppet Camp Geneva, taking place  at the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2012 (RMLL/LSM) on Wednesday July 11th at the UNI-Mail (University of Geneva), Geneva, …

3 Oktober 2011

EUROGI/eSDI-Net Awards 2011

EUROGI, the network for the promotion of cross border dialogue and exchange of best practices on Spatial Data Infrastructure in Europe, awarded two SDI applications developed by Camptocamp! The application GeoBretagne won the price in …

20 Mai 2011

CouchDB to easily bootstrap a Puppet CMDB

For several reasons, the need to centralize some metadata comes relatively quickly when you work everyday with Puppet. For example: the data that you wish to use are already present in another system/service you want to share data …

27 April 2011

Puppet Camp EU : Amsterdam, 28-29 April 2011

A delegation of Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions Division will be present in Amsterdam on April 28th and 29th at the second Puppetcamp in Europe. For the first time in addition to traditional track of speakers this event will …

4 April 2011

Debian Squeeze Amazon EC2 Images

Camptocamp is proud to provide Amazon EC2 Instances (AMI) with base Debian Squeeze installations in all five regions, in 32 or 64 bits. Please check this page for a list of our most recent images and some details about these images. …

8 Oktober 2010

Cloud Computing and the world of GeoApps

Amazon Web Services just posted a very inspiring blog which lists a few interesting GeoApps case studies and stories, among which Swisstopo, carried out successfully by Camptocamp’s Geospatial and Infrastructure solution teams.

23 September 2010

Case study: Swisstopo on the cloud

Amazon Web Services presents on its website a detailed case study on the deployment on the cloud of the Federal Geographical Data by Swisstopo, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography. Camptocamp successfully carried out this …

9 November 2009

MapFish and Cloud Computing

At Foss4G, Claude presented how MapFish applications are hosted in Cloud Computing infrastructure. Don’t miss the video.