GeoServer: deployment and configuration

Features, characteristics and limitations of GeoServer, implementation of Web Services.

OGC Web Services: provision and integration

Advantages and limitations of OGC Web Services as part of a GIS architecture.


AngularJS is a flexible and powerful JavaScript framework for creating web applications. Based on MVC, it allows developers to extend HTML to define specific components enriching their views.

PostgreSQL : administration

Spécificités de PostgreSQL en lien avec son administration (installation, configuration, tâches courantes d’administration).

MapFish: WebGIS applications

Presentation of the features, characteristics and limitations of MapFish and implementation MapFish.

MapFish GeoPortal (introduction)

The Geoportal MapFish project aims at gathering maximum features within a consistent and efficient application to facilitate the creation and maintenance of map applications.

MapFish GeoPortal (advanced)

The goal of the MapFish Geoportal is to gather the maximum features in a consistent and efficient application to facilitate the creation and the maintenance of map applications.

GeoNetwork: metadata and catalogs

Presentation of the advantages and limits of GeoNetwork as part of a WebGIS architecture.

GeoNetwork: development of new features

Technical architecture of GeoNetwork, customization of the interface and of the metadata editor.

OpenLayers: advanced features

Low-level OpenLayers architecture, implementation of vector editing features.


The training provides all the basics for successful Python projects based on SQLAlchemy for communication with databases.

Pyramid training: conception of a Web application

Development of a complete Web application with Pyramid, software components and development of the application.

Talend Open Studio: data processing

Discover the Open Source Spatial ETL, Talend Open Studio: jobs, metadata settings, etc.

Proj4 and OGR/GDAL: GIS data processing

Knowledge of the key concepts related to Proj4 projection systems and OGR / GDAL.