23 September 2013

New OpenERP Magento Connector: Customer Testimonial

Interview of an eCommerce company's IT Director (USA) where OpenERP Magento Connector was successfully implemented for Magento 1.7 & OpenERP 7.0.

26 Juli 2013

Funding of New OpenERP Magento Connector: we are almost done!

New OpenERP Magento Connector is now 100% functional!

18 Juli 2013

Camptocamp Best OpenERP Contributor 2013

Camptocamp wins for the second year in a row the award 2013 of the best OpenERP partner on the Open Source solution at the Open Days 2013!

1 Juli 2013

Camptocamp announces the creation of the „OpenERP Community Association“

Initiated by Camptocamp, in collaboration with Therp, Savoir Faire Linux, Vauxoo and Akretion, the worldwide "OpenERP Community Association" has now been created!

28 Juni 2013

OpenERP 8: refactoring of warehouse management

Camptocamp is glad to announce that it is actively working on OpenERP v8!

18 April 2013

OpenERP Schweiz: Lokalisierung verfügbar für OpenERP 7.0!

Beim Erscheinen von OpenERP 7.0 hat Camptocamp die Mitglieder der Swiss OpenERP Alliance zu einem Bund zusammengeschlossen, um den schweizerischen Unternehmen die Gesamtheit der Module, die nötig sind, um über ein „OpenERP Schweiz“ zu …

9 April 2013

Die neue Schnittstelle OpenERP Magento: 45.000 EUR Spenden in 2 Monaten!

Die Spendenkampagne zur Finanzierung der neuen Schnittstelle OpenERP Magento hat bisher einen Betrag von 45.000 EUR erbracht, wodurch die Entwicklung einer allerersten Version dieser Schnittstelle ermöglicht wurde.

15 Januar 2013

OpenERP Magento Connector New Generation

INVEST IN THE NEW GENERATION OF THE OPENERP MAGENTO CONNECTOR   FASTER TO LEARN, SIMPLER TO IMPLEMENT AND EASIER TO MAINTAIN! EUR 150’000.- is the overall required budget to ensure all new developments can be financed; …

16 November 2012

New Community Organization for OpenERP

Dear Community, We recently talked about joining our efforts to develop new OpenERP modules. For that purpose, we decided to create on Launchpad new projects sorted by topic with new teams to manage them. The goals are: To get rid of …

6 August 2012

Margin computation and analysis with OpenERP v6.1: new modules now available!

Camptocamp recently gathered then summarized some key requirements of its customers (wholesalers, online shops, retailers, distributors and trading companies) in order to develop new OpenERP features. Since B2B and/or B2C product …

17 November 2011

OpenERP WebKit Report Webinars: discover a powerful engine to easily create PDFs

For professionals interested in learning more about the OpenERP WebKit Report engine, Camptocamp Business Solutions‘ team is pleased to announce that 3 new webinars will be delivered in December 2011 & January 2012. Fully …

25 Oktober 2011

Sort and filter options for function fields in OpenERP

Dear community, We are happy to announce the availability of sort and filter options for function fields in our branch, which enhances the user experience greatly : …

15 September 2011

New Webkit financial reports for OpenERP

Camptocamp published a new module entitled ‘account_financial_report_Webkit‘ which provides the following basic legal financial reports: General ledger Partner ledger Trial balance Partner balance …and smaller -but handy- reports …

9 September 2011

New branch organisation on Launchpad

Dear community, I wanted to let you know that Camptocamp has made some changes in the organisation of their branches on Launchpad. As will become the central portal to browse the community developments, we have then …

14 Juni 2011

FOSS4G 2011: Camptocamp’s contributions

Camptocamp’s contributions at FOSS4G, the global conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial and organized by OSGeo, will be the following: Workshop : MapFish in Production FOSS4G routing with pgRouting …