13 Februar 2017

Odoo Exchange : development of a connector by Camptocamp. Customer testimony

Camptocamp just developed an Odoo Exchange connector (contacts and calendars) financed by the HighCo group.

9 Januar 2017

Odoo ERP: Etix Everywhere, +100 employees, chose Camptocamp as integrator! Client testimony.

Specialist in the financing of the construction and operation of datacenters, Etix Everywhere chooses Camptocamp for its Odoo ERP project!

3 Oktober 2016

Camptocamp expandiert in die Deutschschweiz!

Mit dem Bezug der neuen Büroräumlichkeiten an der Leberngasse 21 à Olten expandiert Camptocamp nun auch räumlich in die Deutschschweiz

27 September 2016

Odoo 10: what’s new? MRP, PLM, Maintenance, Quality (1/2)

Odoo 10: recent additions to this new version presented by Camptocamp, an historic Gold Partner in France in Switzerland.

22 August 2016

Topsoft 2016

Camptocamp nimmt vom 30. bis 31. August zum zweiten Mal an der Topsoft in Zürich teil, der grössten Schweizer Fachmesse für Business Software.

23 Mai 2016

Entdecken Sie das neue Odoo v10 an der Odoo MRP Tour in Zürich!

Als Gold-Sponsor der MRP Tour in Zürich lädt Sie Camptocamp herzlich ein, die neuen Funktionen und Module von Odoo 10 kennen zu lernen.

16 November 2015

Odoo Magento Connector for Odoo 9: crowdfunding campaign

Initiative from the community aimed at financing the necessary adaptations to the source code to make the Odoo Magento Connector and the Odoo Connector framework compatible with Odoo 9.

27 Oktober 2015

Odoo 9 Enterprise: new design and new finance module

New streamlined web interface compatible with smartphones, new finance module: discover the key points of the Open Source ERP Odoo 9 Enterprise.

27 Oktober 2015

Odoo 9 vs Odoo 8: zoom on improvements

Besides the new design of the web interface and a re-architected accounting module, here are some other key developments of the Enterprise version of Odoo 9 vs Odoo 8 that delight our experts most.

26 Oktober 2015

Odoo 9 Community and Enterprise editions: a renewed Open Source model

Odoo 9 ecosystem now includes LGPLv3 modules, AGPLv3 modules and modules under proprietary license.

25 September 2015

Odoo 9 Tour in Paris, Lausanne and Zürich: meet Camptocamp!

Meet the editor and Camptocamp on Odoo Tour 9!

9 März 2015

Camptocamp’s involvement in the Odoo Community

Since 2006, our experts published ~300 modules for the Odoo Community and we instigated the creation of the Odoo Community Association (OCA).

17 Februar 2015

Odoo Magento Connector for Odoo 8: crowdfunding campaign

Funding and development of the Odoo Magento connector for Odoo 8, a new-generation connector for demanding e-commerce businesses, designed by Camptocamp.

27 Mai 2014

Odoo Community Association (OCA): first general assembly and questionnaire

The association aimed at federating the Open Source Odoo - formerly OpenERP - community changes its name and becomes the Odoo Community Association (OCA).

6 November 2013

OpenERP Magento Connector: the source code is now open!

Based on a powerful OpenERP Connector framework, the OpenERP Magento Connector source code - magentoerpconnect - is now available for OpenERP 7.0.