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WMS for OpenStreetMap

17 Juni 2009

Claude Philipona just writes a blog to mention that some WMS are now available for OpenStreetMap in Switzerland.

If you want to see the content of these WMS, have a look at this Studio generated application:

By the way, another MapFish application using the WMS provided by whereGroup and the geonames data for the city search:

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2 commentaires

  1. Cédric@camptocamp sagt:

    Is my interpretation correct ? Do you allow the OSM community to use the sogis WMS ? It would be fantastic to have a positive answer.
    I added your WMS, but at a very small scale, the WMS provides a blank image. Would it be possible to get an image also at very small scale (swiss level)?

  2. Anonymous sagt:

    What is the tiny spot between Geneva and Neuchâtel (sorry too tempting!) ?

    Aerial images from Solothurn:

    All available WMS services