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Update your OpenERP data by yourself with the new import/export financed by Camptocamp

12 August 2009

Hi all!

We’re proud to announce the release of a brand new feature in the stable version of OpenERP 5.0.1: the management of OpenObject and PostgreSQL IDs in the import/export system. Camptocamp financed this new feature in order to allow people to update their stored data through the standard GTK Client.

With this new feature you can:

  • Affect a new, or change, the OpenObject ID of any object in the database,
  • Update stored data by exporting/importing them (based on the PostgreSQL ID or the OpenObject ID),
  • Let your customers update their data themselves via CSV files.

Concrete example:

You need to keep the product cost prices in sync with your supplier price lists (let’s say you have only one supplier per product for this example). Your suppliers give you an Excel file of all prices and references.

  1. First, you’ll need to export your product with the PostgreSQL and the OpenObject IDs into a CSV file. Take at least all required fields.
  2. Update the exported file with the supplier information. Put the new cost price and affect the supplier product reference as OpenObject ID.
  3. Import the updated file. That’s all! The new product will be created and the existing one will be updated, nothing will be deleted.

Note: next time you’ll only need to export the OpenObject ID in order to update the data. You won’t need the PostgreSQL ID anymore unless you need to update the supplier product reference!

Joël Grand-Guillaume

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5 commentaires

  1. Hassen sagt:

    i need to export plan comptable.

  2. Alexis de Lattre sagt:

    Are you sure that this feature is available in OpenERP 5.0.1 ? The technical tests I have performed and the date of your blog post suggest that this feature is available since OpenERP 5.0.2 !

    Here are the details of my test :
    – I checkout OpenERP client 5.0.1 (bzr co -r tag:5.0.1 lp:~openerp/openobject-client/5.0) -> I don’t see „ID“ nor „Database ID“ fields in Export data
    – I checkout OpenERP client 5.0.2 -> I can see „ID“ and „Database ID“ fields in Export data.


  3. Joël Grand-Guillaume sagt:

    You’re welcome 🙂 Happy to see some interest ! Pay attention to use the last Launchpad version for both client and server, we had trouble some revision before.

  4. Liebana sagt:

    Thanks a lot! I’ll test it asap, this could be very useful!