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Sort and filter options for function fields in OpenERP

25 Oktober 2011

Dear community,

We are happy to announce the availability of sort and filter options for function fields in our branch, which enhances

the user experience greatly :

Neither sort nor filter of function fields have created prohibitive performance issues so far in our tests. Our idea is to

provide the basic functionality for all function fields out of the box and fix performance bottlenecks for specific function

fields if necessary.

Please note that you have to add the following lines in the server config file.



fallback_search = True


According to the policy of OpenERP SA this enhanced functionality will not be available in the official OpenERP 6.0

distributions as the lack of sorting and filtering of function fields is not considered as bug and hence will not be fixed.

We plan to provide a similar solution for 6.1 and hope that a merge proposal will be accepted for 6.2

I personally want to thanks Ferdinand Gassauer and Panos Christeas for their great work on this topic : well done !

Best regards,

Joël Grand-Guillaume

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