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Release of Sextant version 6.5

19 Oktober 2018

Camptocamp and Titellus have been in charge of the corrective and evolutive maintenance of the Sextant portal for several years on behalf of the IFREMER (Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer). Sextant consists of a metadata catalogue, a map viewer and download and extraction tools, all based on the GeoNetwork software and the OGR library.

Sextant version 6 was one of the major projects that led to the creation of GeoNetwork version 3 in March 2015. In particular, the viewer developed for the V6 has been integrated into GeoNetwork’s search interface (see this article).

Since the release of version 6, the Sextant portal has undergone continuous evolutions. For version 6.5, the viewer has been enhanced to provide access to data from the national Quadrige database. These new features include the filtering and extraction of data layers with filter.

These features are based on the implementation of ElasticSearch for indexing geographical objects served by WFS. Once the objects were indexed, it was then possible to develop different tools for interacting with the map.

In the illustration below, the layer is filtered by choosing a specific ship and the dates of the trips it has carried out.

This result is based on a time filter with interval and a filter with tree structure:

The GeoNetwork solution benefited from work on indexing a WFS service with ElasticSearch. These will also serve as a basis for the general migration from GeoNetwork to ElasticSearch, which will be the subject of the next major version (4.0) and will aim to use this solution to index all metadata records in a catalogue.

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