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OpenStreetMap : State of The Map 2010 synopsis

20 Juli 2010

This year, several important announcements were made at the OpenStreetMap community conference. AOL Local, through MapQuest, is going to invest USD 1 million in OSM in order to improve road map coverage in the US, while Bing is offering the application to display the OSM map. These announcements demonstrate the credibility of the OpenStreetMap project towards major international players of the Internet industry.

In the community, „lightning talks“ and informal discussions with participants confirm a rich intellectual effervescence.

Thanks to the availability of Open Source data, numerous innovative projects emerged such as WheelMap or OpenTrailView .

From a very interesting study from UCL presented by Muki Haklay, we learn that more than half of the OSM contributors have a former experience in GIS and that more than two-third contribute to software or Open Source projects (Wikipedia).

Finally, the community is extremely aware of possible obstacles (tag management, data quality, …) and these subjects undergo active thinking.

On the technical level, the variety of initiatives was noticeable (minutely diffs, cloud computing, software optimizations …), resulting from the existence of difficulties when trying to develop services around OSM data and infrastructure. The difficulties are mostly related to the increasing data volume, which requires a growing expertise level.

The nonconformist organization of the conference with an auction sale , a song contest , and a tune of „Highway to Hell „is the evidence that OpenStreetMap really is a fun projet!

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