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OpenERP tax 100% on import

8 Juli 2009

Companies that are making importations often receive invoices from the carrier which does only have taxes.

Here is a small tutorial on which you will learn how to input it into OpenERP to be sure that the tax declaration is correct. This screencast should also help you.

Tax code creation

The first step is to create a new tax code : „100% import“ for example.

  1. Create a new tax code : financial managerment > configuration > financial accounting > taxes > taxe
  2. Type = Percent
  3. Amount = 0
  4. Tax account and child tax account = nothing
  5. Tax application = purchase (never put all)
  6. Base code and Refund base code (2nd tab) = the tax code you are normally using for purchase tax code
  7. Base code sign = -1
  8. Tax code sign = 1

New supplier invoice

When you receive a new carrier invoice with tax on it (for example 2000 CHF):

  1. Add a new line for the tax => put the amount : 2000
  2. The account is the „tax refund account“ => that mean the account you are normally using to put the VAT amount you will received from the tax administration => in switzerland : „1170 TVA déductible sur achat de biens et services“
  3. Specify the tax of the invoice line : „100% Import“ and press tax computation

That’s it ! I hope it will help you.

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