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OpenERP Magento Connector: the source code is now open!

6 November 2013

Download, test and use the OpenERP Magento Connector “New Generation”!

Following the successful crowdfunding campaign which allowed to finance new developments, Camptocamp is now officially announcing the full availability of the source code of the OpenERP Magento Connector “New Generation” – magentoerpconnect – to all the community!

It has been a real technical challenge for Camptocamp R&D team since this set of OpenERP modules has been designed in the most generic way possible, as follows:

  1. OpenERP Connector: a powerful connector framework for developers, allowing to ease the bi-directionnal connection between OpenERP and any type of application or service;
  2. OpenERP E-commerce Connector: a generic software layer which allows to share the development made to all types of e-commerce connectors;
  3. OpenERP Magento Connector: the software upper layer for Magento benefits from the two above blocks for fast development, excellent extensibility and proven reliability.

You are an e-commerce business, an OpenERP integrator or a Magento integrator?

Contact Camptocamp to benefit from our expertise in the following funtional areas:

  • sales management: simple/grouped/configurable products, multiple Magento instances, multi-eShops, margin calculation, multi-pricelist, after-sales service;
  • logistics management: multi-warehouse, traceability, drop-shipping, links with shipping applications to print abels, use of barcode readers;
  • finance management: multi-company, multi-currency, multi-tax, payment workflow automation, automated reconciliation of customer invoices with payments (credit card, Paypal, Amazon…), automated follow-ups;

You are an OpenERP integrator and willing to develop you own connector?

Use the OpenERP Connector, the generic module used by the OpenERP Community to ease the connection between OpenERP and various software or services (and not only e-commerce platforms).
The OpenERP PrestaShop Connector “New Generation” – prestashopERPconnect – based on this framework has for instance been developed by Akretion. Also, a connector between OpenERP and the e-commerce platform RBS Change is about to be developed.
Feel free to contact Camptocamp to benefit from our expertise – it can be coaching, training or support – in the connection between OpenERP and any third-party application or service!

Camptocamp would like to thank all the financial contributors for their support on this project!

On behalf of the magentoERPconnect Core Editors – the technical contributors of the project – thank you to all the contributors!

  • Logic Supply: after having decided that OpenERP 7.0 will be the basis of its new IT strategy, this US-based e-commerce business was one of the very first to invest in the OpenERP Magento Connector “New Generation”;
  • Debonix: this French-based e-commerce business – one of Camptocamp’s long-term customer – understood that this new OpenERP Magento connector architecture will allow its team to process more efficiently its ever increasing number of sales orders (currently more than 300 a day);
  • All the contributors worldwide who expressed their interest about this initiative: Apertoso, OpenBIG, Smile, IT Service Partners, WillowIT, Eezee-It, Auguria, Enova, Mr. Goran Sunjka, Taktik, Maison del Gusto, Open2bizz Software, Bee Company, initOS, Rhônalia, Julius Network Solutions, Elico Corp, Linko Solutions, HSP Hanse Shopping, Burn Out Italy, Mr. Peter Dijkstra, Mr. Luc Maurer, Mr. Maxime Chambreuil, Mr. Eric Vernichon, Avanzosc, Mr. Fabio Martinelli, Mr. Marcelo Bello, and Mr. Mark Felling.