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Odoo Magento Connector for Odoo 8: crowdfunding campaign

17 Februar 2015

Spurred by many requests from the Odoo community and e-commerce business owners, Camptocamp kickstarted a new crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds to develop the „New Generation“ Odoo Magento connector for Odoo 8.


The reputation gained from the widespread adoption of the „New Generation“ Magento OpenERP connector (for OpenERP 7) we develop naturally led us to launch this initiative and thus coordinate all the resources available to have the Odoo Magento connector (compatible with Odoo 8) available in late March.

Odoo Magento Connector: goals

We are trying to collect the EUR 15’000 needed to finance the migration of the connector. In only 4 weeks, 65% of the seeked funds have been already been collected!

You too can contribute to this project: financial support via the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, software contributions, suggestions for improvement or just by sharing this information!

If we raise more funds and/or if we get some software contributions from the community, then we could add the following additional features to the existing connector:

  • multi-channel management: the idea here is to categorize the synchronizations on several levels:
    • fast and priority synchronizations will be assigned to a synchronization queue while slower and low priority synchronizations will be assigned to another queue;
    • a distinction will be made between Magento write operations (which will be compiled in a single queue) and Magento read operations, since two simultaneous write operations can be source of errors.
  • multi-company management, i.e the ability to link the sales orders from the Magento website A to Company A, and the sales orders from Magento website B to Company B.

This list of improvements is by no means exhaustive! Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions on the project mailing list or via our email! Camptocamp will communicate regularly on the progress of the project and on the possible developments that can be funded through this fundraising campaign open to all.

Based on the „New Generation“ OpenERP Magento Connector

The Odoo Magento connector (for Odoo 8) will be based on the „New Generation“ OpenERP Magento connector (compatible with OpenERP 7) that has originally been developed by Camptocamp and that has been sparking real enthusiasm on many levels for 2 years now.

First, a large and active community has been structured around the connector, as evidenced by the many emails exchanged on the mailing list of the connector (600 to date); community support is provided both by Camptocamp but increasingly by other community members.


Secondly, having designed and developed a connector able to handle a high volumetry of sales orders has interested major French, Swiss and international e-commerce players Camptocamp is relation with. Indeed, this connector automatically splits the data to be synchronized, thereby supporting volumetries of much more important data synchronizations (several thousand orders per day) than a classic connector or a simple flat filesexchange.

Thirdly, some worldwide Odoo integrators use the „New Generation“ connector developed by Camptocamp since the fragmentation of data to sync also has the advantage of accurately identifying sources of errors (which admittedly rarely happen but are inevitable between two software systems), consequently making the required corrections in a very short time.

Camptocamp would like to thank you for your support! We remain available for any questions you might have. E-commerce businesses, do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our expertise in the integration of Odoo, the Open Source ERP which can be bi-directionally synchronized with your e-shop.

To get any updates about the Odoo Magento connector project and/or make a financial contribution, click here.