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Odoo Exchange : development of a connector by Camptocamp. Customer testimony

13 Februar 2017

Camptocamp just developed an Odoo Exchange connector (contacts and calendars) financed by the HighCo group. This connector is based on the popular Odoo Connector Framework, an Odoo community module originally developed by Camptocamp in 2013.

HighCo Is a group of intelligent marketing solutions, listed on the Euronext Paris compartment C. The Group operates in 14 countries and has close to 700 employees. Since its creation, HighCo has placed innovation at the heart of its values to offer its customers, brands and retailers intelligent marketing solutions to influence the shopper’s behavior with the right offer, at the right time, in the right place and on the right market.

odoo exchange connecteur camptocamp

The Group’s value proposition particularly appeals to a wide range of consumer brands and international distributors (notably Carrefour, Leclerc, P & G and Danone).

For a few years now, HighCo has been using Odoo as a CRM. Nicolas Clavier, IT project manager at HighCo, describes how the relationship between his company and Camptocamp took place as part of the development of an Odoo Exchange connector.

First, why did you choose Odoo and what do you currently manage with it?

In a context of redundancy and fragmentation of survey data, we needed to streamline our processes by setting up a platform for transverse acquisition within the Group. We were essentially facing a problem of integration.

The Odoo solution was actually an ideal candidate: fast, flexible and robust. HighCo had previously tested Odoo on a part of the commercial management, and we are satisfied today. By carrying out our development on the Community version, we were able to spend our entirer budget to the development of the tool, while retaining the option of upgrading to an Enterprise contract in the future.

Sources of acquisition, our messaging in Microsoft Exchange represented a major data windfall. In a second phase, we have therefore developed an address bookand calendars synchronization technology between Exchange and Odoo, which largely relies on the  Odoo Connectortechnology developed by Camptocamp engineers.

How did you get in contact with Camptocamp?

The significant involvement of its consultants and developers in the community Odoo led us to discover and follow the company.

Indeed, the company’s will is clearly to contribute to the continuous improvement of Odoo and to share free of charge its complementary developments where relevant and possible.

This spirit of initiative is also reflected in other levels:

In summary, we first had the opportunity to get in touch with Camptocamp developers before signing contracts with the sales department!

How do you rate the quality of the service delivered by Camptocamp for the development of this Odoo Exchange Connector project

We are fully satisfied with this collaboration. We had a complex specifications, which Camptocamp teams were able to meet even exceeding our expectations in terms of both deadlines and reliability. 

Today, the Odoo Exchange connector developed is in production and has been sized to run tens of thousands of synchronizations between different platforms, and several times a day. However, to date, we have not had needs to contact Camptocamp which is for us a great satisfaction and a guarantee of quality regarding the developments made.

odoo exchange connecteur camptocamp

Were you were also in contact with other providers to carry Odoo services: what did made Camptocamp stand out?

Regarding our Exchange Odoo connector project, we needed a robust ETL engine and the Odoo Connector technology developed by Guewen Baconnier at Camptocamp proved to be the most integrated solution. We had already worked with Camptocamp on a prospective acquisition module based on the Odoo Connector frameworkecosystem. What’s more natural then to address its author once again for our solutions!

This enabled us to be even faster and to focus on the development of the flows of this Odoo Exchange connector rather than re-invent a synchronization technology. In summary: „Bravo Camptocamp, keep up the good work !“

Thany you very much Nicolas ! Camptocamp is proud of this result! We keep in touch!

odoo exchange connecteur camptocamp

Are you interested in the Odoo Exchange connector developed by Camptocamp experts? Do not hesitate to contact us! We’ve also planned to take steps to make its generic development and publish it shortly as a free community module in the OCA.