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Google Summer of Code: MapServer projects

22 April 2009

The list of accepted students for the 2009 edition of Google Summer of Code has been published yesterday. This year 20 slots were allocated to  OSGEO, 2 of which went to the MapServer project:

  • KML output: David Kana will be working on adding KML as a native outputformat, allowing MapServer to be plugged in as a datasource for example in Google Earth. The non trivial points will include determining the subset of MapServer symbology that is natively supported in KML, and switching to a PNG/JPEG outputformat if the number of features inside a given request gets too important. Yewondwossen Assefa and myself will be mentoring this.
  • Support for reading SVG symbols: Kiran Anjaneya Varma Alluri will be mentored by Daniel Morissette, and will be working on adding a new symbol format to the already supported truetype, pixmap, vector and ellipse ones. This will open up a whole new dimension to MapServer symbology as there are many sources of SVG symbology ready to use around the web.

We hope these additions will make it into the 6.0 release that we are scheduling around autumn, just in time for the Sydney FOSS4G !

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