Geospatial – News metadata catalog update

7 Mai 2013

The metadata catalog of swisstopo,, uses the GeoNetwork Open Source project.

Camptocamp just updated the software in order to benefit from the latest improvements and features of the GeoNetwork project:

  • Global improvement of performances
  • AJAX engine for editing metadata improving the metadata entry
  • Extended data model for Relationship and TopicCategory
  • PDF Formating
  • CSW virtual point
  • Webservices to validate metadata or to validate harvested metadata
  • Improvement of the harvesting planner

and to also improve the catalog features which are essential for storing the metadata of a geodatawarehouse:

  • Extended Relationship
  • Extended TopicCategory
  • Metadata management of archived geodata

This project allowed the implementation of an organizational structure of the source code to efficiently manage patches specific to swisstopo and to guarantee their sustainability while easing the integration of the improvements of the GeoNetwork trunk in the application. The decentralised versioning system Git made this possible. The source code of the project can be found on our GitHub account:

This Open Source project was also a good opportunity to improve GeoNetwork with the great contributions completed by Jesse Eichar (committer) in the core of the project on versions 2.10 and 2.11.