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FOSS4G 2014: our presentations and workshops

24 Oktober 2014

This year, nearly 900 people gathered to discuss new Open Source Geospatial technologies at FOSS4G.

Presentations and workshops

Camptocamp gave several presentations and workshops on our projects. Eric Lemoine presented „OpenLayers 3 : a unique mapping library“ and co-presented two workshops, one on pgRouting (with Daniel Kastl) and the other one on OpenLayers 3 (with Tim Schaub and Andreas Hocevar). Jesse Eichar has also exhibited his work on MapFish Print V3.

Thesey presentations and workshops were sold out and we noticed a strong interest in the projects we presented.


Camptocamp participated in various sessions including one on WebGL. Interactions and exchanges we had made us very enthusiastic about the developments of this technology and its integration in projects such as OpenLayers 3, which Camptocamp plans to work on in the next few months. This integration will enable better performances and enhanced features. The prototype we developed several months ago led to progress in this direction. We will keep you informed on these developments very soon.

We also exchanged with GeoNetwork users on the new version of the interface of the cataloging tool. This is a complete overhaul of the old version with Angular, Bootstrap and OpenLayers 3. This new version is greatly appreciated by users because it ’s more intuitive, cleaner; it will be in the next version of GeoNetwork (version 3) .


Every year, we are very excited about the success of the FOSS4G meeting and Camptocamp is always delighted to participate in its projects and contributions.

See you in Seoul for FOSS4G 2015 from September 14 to 19!