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FOSS4G 2014 is on!

11 September 2014

The 2014 FOSS4G conference in Portland has officially begun! Monday and Tuesday were exclusively devoted to workshops.

Camptocamp’s delegation participed in the animation of the three following workshops, which many people attended.

  •     „OpenLayers 3 – First Contact“
  •      „FOSS4G routing with pgRouting, OpenStreetMap road data and OpenLayers“
  •      „GeoNetwork for dummies, or how to setup and use year SDI in 3 hours“

Wednesday, September 10th, was the official opening day of the conference. Mike Bostock, designer of interactive graphics for The New York Times, author of D3.js, a popular Open Source library for visualizing data using web standards, and author of TopoJSON, an extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology, was featured as the opening keynote speaker.

The presentation „OpenLayers 3: a single mapping library“ by Eric Lemoine was sold out, proving a true interest in this new completely rewritten version of OpenLayers.

Additionally, there were several very interesting presentations on PostgreSQL and PostGIS: the many new features of  latest releases build great dynamism within these software communities.