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FOSS4G 2013: Camptocamp’s contributions

9 Juli 2013

FOSS4G, the annual gathering of Open Source geospatial developers, users and leaders, will be held this year at the Nottingham’s new East Midlands Conference Centre (UK) from September 17 to 21.

Bronze sponsor, Camptocamp will also contribute to the conference by giving 7 talks on the Open Source webmapping software our company contribute to. The talks will include the state of the MapFish project, the best practices for mobile development, bringing OpenLayers 3 to the light, and some 3D stuff (as this dimension is going to be the next content to be published on the Web).

  1. Mobile development with OpenLayers, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap, by Bart van den Eijnden/Pierre Giraud (OpenGeo/Camptocamp), Thursday, Sept. 20 @ 15:00
  2. Modelling 3D underground data in a webbased 3D-Client, by Till Adams/Emmanuel Belo (terrestris/Camptocamp), Friday, Sept. 20 @ 14:30
  3. 3D web services and models for the web: where do we stand?, by Emmanuel Belo (Camptocamp), Friday, Sept. 20 @ 15:00
  4. Working with spatial databases with GeoAlchemy, by Eric Lemoine (Camptocamp), Sat., Sept 21 @ 9:00
  5. OpenLayers 3 Showcase, by Tom Payne (Camptocamp), Sat., Sept. 21 @ 10:00
  6. MapFish Framework, by Elisabeth Leu (Camptocamp), Sat., Sept 21 @ 11:30
  7. OpenLayers 3: under the hood, by Tom Payne (Camptocamp), Sat., Sept 21 @ 11:30

The complete timetable is available here. As you can see, FOSS4G 2013 will be an exiting event!

Have a great conference and don’t forget to meet in person and talk with us about your projects!