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FOSS4G 2010: Camptocamp’s contributions

26 August 2010

Bronze sponsor of the event, Camptocamp’s contributions will be numerous.

3 posters:

  • The Web mapping portal of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology, Emmanuel Belo (Camptocamp)
  • A GeoBI Web application with GeoMondrian, Frédéric Jacon (Camptocamp ), Walter Simonazzi (European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information),  Juan Arevalo (European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information) and César Martínez Izquierdo -(European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial) Information
  • Edugeo  Mini-SIG: a simplified GIS desktopn application with QGIS for educational purposes,  Frédéric Jacon (Camptocamp), Marco Hugentobler (HUGIS GmbH)


2 Workshops:
  • Solid Web Mapping with Python, Éric Lemoine (Camptocamp) and Bruno Binet (Camptocamp)
  • FOSS4G routing with pgRouting tools, OpenStreetMap road data and GeoExt, D. Kastl (Georepublic), Frédéric Junod (Camptocamp )
3 Tutorials :
  • Building web based GIS applications with GeoExt, Pierre Giraud (Camptocamp), A. Hocevar (OpenGeo), Yves. Jacolin (Camptocamp)
  • First steps with MapFish, Stéphane Brunner (Camptocamp) and Antoine Abt (Camptocamp)
  • How to generate billions of tiles using distributed cloud-computing, Oliver Christen (Camptocamp) and F. Van Der Biest (Camptocamp)
4 Presentations:

  • 3D Web Mapping: yes, we can !, Yves Bolognini (Camptocamp) : presentation can be found here: foss4g2010_3d_notes
  • Printing in web mapping application: MapFish print module, Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp)
  • Protect your GIS, Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp)
  • Where’s MapFish going?, Éric Lemoine (Camptocamp)

We hope to meet you at the event. Please stop by our booth (#11)!

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2 commentaires

  1. Dear Yves,

    I couldn’t make it to the conference in Barcelona earlier this month. I’m working with SADL, the Spatial Applications Division of the KULeuven. My colleague, Paul Jacxsens, went to your presentation of 3D Web Mapping: yes, we can! From what he told me, that looks very interesting and applicable for een ongoing research project in Cuenca (Equador).I’m currently in Equador for the follow up of a PhD research on the development of an information system for heritage conservation. The idea is to bring laserscan data of monuments in the historic city centre (UNESCO world heritage) in a GIS, and combine it with other data on the physical construction, history, management and maintenance. This will be integrated as objects in a support system to identify and prioritise interventions.

    The presentations are not yet available on the conference website.Would it be possible for you to send your presentation?

    Thank you,

    Thérèse Steenberghen