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Camptocamp releases 13 modules for sales/purchases processes !

7 Januar 2011

Dear OpenERP community,

Camptocamp just released 13 modules to ease the sales and purchase processes in OpenERP. This release mainly relates to the integration between OpenERP and the Magento E-Shop but will undoubtedly serve other purposes as well. Enjoy !

Please find below a short list of the generic modules, each followed by a short  description:

  • c2c_block_customer_sale : forbids to confirm a SO with a „blocked“ customer and adds a warning message when customer „credit limit“ is reached.
  • c2c_bom_stock : based on physical products, computes stock and the number of products I can produce with the components I do actually have in stock.
  • c2c_pack_product_change : module to deal with product replacement in packing lists
  • c2c_purchase_bom_split : splits products according to their BoM in the packing linked to a PO
  • c2c_sale_bom_split : splits products according to their BoM in the packing linked to a SO
  • c2c_scanned_packing : eases the packing operation with a bar code scanner!
  • c2c_smart_mrp_purchase : always chooses the cheapest supplier according to quantity & delay
  • c2c_supplier_price_update : allows the end-user to easily update the suppliers product prices & information (supplier.partnerinfo object).

Please find below a list of the Magento-related modules. Note that some of these modules also need some Magento devs to work.

  • c2c_immediately_usable : adds a new stock quantity field on the product form that represents „Real Stock – Outgoing Stock“
  • c2c_magento_auto_sku : auto-incrementing of the Magento SKU column on products
  • c2c_magento_equivalences : provides a new field to record an alternate product if the original is not available in stock
  • c2c_magento_init_stock : deals with a bug of the connector (N°667711) and allows to initialize the stock management on Magento even if no stock move is recorded in OpenERP
  • c2c_magento_medias : a great module to extend the product image capabilities. With it, you can attach other media than standard image format (like flash) and export them through FTP/SFTP server
  • c2c_magento_negative_stock_choice : allows you to choose the actions of Magento when the product is out of stock i.e. Not allowed, Allowed, Warn customer, …
  • c2c_magento_product_link : gives the basis in OpenERP product object to handle related product, cross-selling and up-selling
  • c2c_magento_set_and_pack_product : adds 2 functions fields on product form to store and share the components of the product and make it possible to deal with set and pack product in Magento
  • c2c_magento_shipping :  powerful module to deal with partial shipping and Magento

Best regards,

Joël Grand-Guillaume

Official Gold partner in Switzerland, France and Austria (localisation of financial accounting for this countries) / Partenaire officiel Gold en Suisse, France et Autriche (localisation de la comptabilité financière pour ces pays) / Offizieller Gold-Partner in der Schweiz, Frankreich und Österreich (Anpassung der Finanzbuchhaltung für diese Länder)

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2 commentaires

  1. Thanks for your contributions! Just some notes:

    Regarding „c2c_block_customer_sale“, there were already two modules to do that. One is called nan_partner_risk and the other one credit_limit.

    Regarding „c2c_scanned_packing“ there was already „nan_stock_scanner“.

    • Joël Grand-Guillaume sagt:

      Dear Albert,

      Thank you for your feed-back ! We usually try to extend the existing modules when it is possible. Unfortunately, for both of them it was not the case. For the first nan_partner_risk module, we made our own one mainly to avoid the workflow modification on SO. We needed something simpler.

      For the nan_stock_scanner, we also decided to make our own because yours brings number of modifications in the core objects. That’s not a critic at all, but we choose to make one complex (v6.0 compliant) wizard instead, cause it suites our customer process better.

      In any case, I never like to make things twice, but sometimes you have no choice.

      All the best for 2011,