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Camptocamp, new Rancher Labs partner

27 Oktober 2016

Joining the Rancher Labs Partner Network

Last week, Rancher Labs announced their Partner Network. Camptocamp is proud to be among the few companies selected to kickstart it.

Rancher Labs

We have been using Rancher for nearly a year and we have come to greatly appreciate both its simplicity of use and powerful features. Consequently, this has led us to start migrating most of our services to it. We actually now maintain dozens of stacks, totalizing hundreds of containers!

Open Source Rancher templates

Therefore, to celebrate this new partnership, we are happy to open-source our Puppet catalog. We have been using it in production and improving it for the last 9 months. You can already find it in our public Rancher catalog, along with our Gogs and Conplicity stacks.

Puppet Stack in production

Using the Puppet Stack in production

As usual, we will be happy to welcome any feedback and pull requests to our catalog, as well as the Docker images used in it!

Training and consulting

Knowledge and experience are always best maximized when they are shared; so our training programs feature Docker trainings in addition to the official Puppet curriculum.

We also regularly work with our clients to help them setup both products in their infrastructure.