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Bolsena Code Sprint 2012

4 Mai 2012

For the fifth time, Bolsena will be hosting several members of the Geospatial community for a cross project codesprint.  Typically members from several projects (Geonetwork, Geoserver, uDig, Postgis, etc..) gather to participate in a week-long codesprint.  Usually one of the focusses is in cross project collaboration.  This year the codesprint will take place during June 11-15.

Camptocamp will be attending this year with a focus on the Geonetwork and Geoserver projects.

A few of the topics that will be investigated are:

  • Release Geonetwork 2.8
  • Fix bugs with new UI
  • Expanding the Geonetwork WebSpecs tests (
  • Refactoring Harvester code
  • Refactoring Services
  • Improving REST API
  • Geoserver Monitoring options

It is shaping up to be a great time!

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