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Augeas: training courses by Camptocamp

8 Juli 2013

Whether you have already used it or not, you probably have heard about Augeas if you have been hanging around in the Puppet world.

At Camptocamp, our adoption of Augeas as a central part of our Puppet practices for several years has greatly increased the precision with which we manage our configuration files.

Getting up and running with the tool is not an easy task though, as the learning curve is quite steep. This is why Camptocamp is now starting a series of trainings, as a complement to the Puppet training courses provided by Puppet Labs and their partners.

The augeas course will be split into 3 one-day sessions, which can be taken separately:

  • Augeas Fundamentals: base concepts, using augtool, Path Expressions, using Augeas in Puppet
  • Extending Augeas: Introduction to Bidirectional Parsers, writing lenses
  • Advanced Augeas: the API in various languages, advanced tree manipulation, Extending Puppet with Augeas

The first public sessions for the training courses will take place in:

  • Paris, France (September 2013), coupled with a Puppet Fundamentals training the week before
  • Brussels, Belgium (October 2013), coupled with an Extending Puppet using Ruby training the week before (the first Extending Puppet session in Europe)