14 Januar 2020 Nane van der Elst

Dataviz with OpenLayers: let’s plot some graphs!

A step-by-step explanation on how to bind an Airship dataviz widget to an OpenLayers map. It covers basic usage of OpenLayers 6 including its experimental WebGL renderer as well the Airship Time Series component and WebWorkers.

3 Oktober 2019 camptocamp

OpenLayers 6 release code sprint in Bonn

From 23rd to 27th of September, Camptocamp participated in the latest OpenLayers code sprint in Bonn, Germany.

25 September 2018 camptocamp

Camptocamp partenaire argent du Forum GeOnG 2018

Camptocamp est partenaire Argent de la 6ème édition du forum des données pour l'humanitaire, le  GeOnG 2018, du 29 au 31 Octobre.

21 Februar 2018 Stéphanie Debayle

Camptocamp, FOSS4G-fr 2018 Gold Sponsor

Camptocamp, as a major player in the open source geospatial community, invests in sponsoring various conferences in France and Europe.

24 April 2015 Stéphanie Debayle

OpenLayers 3: Code Sprint in Austria

At the beginning of April, three Camptocamp’s developers attended the OpenLayers 3 Code Sprint which took place in Schladming (Austria).

24 April 2015 Guillaume Beraudo

OpenLayers 3: towards drawing lines and polygons with WebGL

At the OpenLayers 3 code sprint in Austria, our team implemented a Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstrating line and polygon rendering using WebGL.

9 Dezember 2014 Stéphanie Debayle

Drawing large amounts of points with OpenLayers 3 and WebGL

OpenLayers 3 supports three different rendering technologies: Canvas, DOM and WebGL. The technology currently used by default is Canvas, the most capable and reliable renderer.

15 August 2014 Stéphanie Debayle


Camptocamp attended SIGGRAPH 2014 held in Vancouver (Canada). WebGL is an important part in this event.

28 Februar 2014 Stéphanie Debayle

OpenLayers 3 – towards „many“ vector features with WebGL

We have been working on an OpenLayers 3 Proof of Concept to demonstrate that WebGL can be used to draw "many" vector features on a map.

16 Juli 2013 Elisabeth Leu

AGIT25 Symposium und Expo

Camptocamp hat vom 3. bis 5. Juli an der AGIT25 in Salzburg das Projekt MapFish am Open Source Stand vertreten.

7 April 2013 Elisabeth Leu

FOSSGIS 2013 in Rapperswil

Konferenz für freie und Open Source-Software im GIS-Bereich und für freie Geodaten. Camptocamp wird das Mapfish-Framework in einem Vortrag vorstellen und die Möglichkeiten von WebGL in der Geomatik ausleuchten.

23 Oktober 2012 camptocamp

Investissez dans le futur du Web mapping : OpenLayers 3

OpenLayers est la bibliothèque Javascript la plus complète et la plus efficace sur le Web pour la gestion de cartes. Cependant, ayant été conçue en 2006, il était nécessaire de revoir l’architecture interne de la version actuelle …

26 Juni 2012 camptocamp

AGIT 2012, 4-6 Juli, Salzburg (AT)

Nächste Woche, vom 4. bis 6. Juli, findet die AGIT in Salzburg statt. Die OSGeo-Foundation und der FOSSGIS e.V. zeigen sich gemeinsam mit Projekten an der AGIT-Expo, wobei auch das Mapfish-Projekt durch zwei Camptocamp-Mitarbeiter …

5 April 2012 camptocamp

FOSS4G North America 2012

A team of Camptocamp’s  Geospatial Business Solutions division will attend the FOSS4G North America conference which be held from April 10 to 12, 2012 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC, USA. Free and …