11 März 2011 camptocamp

Studio 0.5 release

Camptocamp is proud to announce the first release of Studio, an admin tool for MapServer. Studio allows the web administrator to manage the geodata, to stylize them with a wysiwyg MapFile editor and to create a custom  thematisation. …

2 Oktober 2009 camptocamp

Studio used for German SDI

At Intergeo, Emmanuel discovered some nice applications based on MapFish and Studio. The first one is a normal MapFish implementation and the second one uses Studio to generate a MapFish application. This gives the freedom to provide …

8 Juli 2009 camptocamp

MapFish and Studio at OGRS2009

MapFish and Studio are presented during an OGRS 2009 lab in Nantes, France. If you want to follow this lab, all information is here .

8 Juli 2009 camptocamp

OGRS 2009

Camptocamp currently participates to OGRS 2009, the International Opensource Geospatial research Symposium in Nantes. Today was dedicated to research presentations and I was happy to observe that GeoExt is very well known and was …

17 Juni 2009 camptocamp

WMS for OpenStreetMap

Claude Philipona just writes a blog to mention that some WMS are now available for OpenStreetMap in Switzerland. If you want to see the content of these WMS, have a look at this Studio generated application: By the way, another MapFish …

17 Juni 2009 camptocamp

Studio: create your own Web 2.0 mapping application

Studio has been extended to provide a full configuration solution for the creation of web 2.0 mapping applications (see previous post ). With it, you can publish your geodata over the internet without development skills and without the …

25 März 2009 camptocamp

Studio: Beta for the MapFile Manager

A previous post introduced a new administration tool: Studio is born ! One component of Studio is the MapFile editor. You can have a look at a video introducing the MapFile editor.. It is also possible to test it live (create your own …

7 Februar 2009 camptocamp

New tool for Web mapping site administration

Do you want to create your own web mapping application ? Do you want to share your geospatial data with others ? Do you want to define your own symbology ? If the answer is yes, then you are probably interested in the administration …